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"Unspoilt havens of white sand and beautiful, warm sea that resides amongst the subtropical vegetation so prominent in the area" best describes Blythedale.


Blythedale is situated just north of Tinley Manor, approximately 72 kilometres from the city of Durban.


Blythedale Beach adjoins a small conservancy that includes the Umvoti River mouth - a haven for winged creatures and a must for bird lovers. It's also what makes Blythedale Beach even more attractive, particularly to nature lovers... worth a visit to spot the African spoonbill, chestnut-branded plover, lesser sand plover, white-eared barbet, scaly-throated honeyguide and blue-mantled crested flycatcher.


The beach can be a hive of water activity for swimmers and surfers alike or visitor enjoying a leissurly stroll on the open stands. You may be caught amoung other beach goers spotting dolphins or whales.


Blythedale is a few kilometres from Zinkwazi which is further up the coast. Zinkwazi is a peaceful lagoon offering casual accomodations and wonderful spots for picnics. Zinkwazi is where the fish eagles scoop down on to the waters in mid flight. There are wonderful walks, indigenous forest, fishing and a spectacular birdlife here, apart from the endless beaches - a real escape from it all.


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