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KZN 292

Follow the Paper Trail

(KZN 292)

5 March 2019
We are more than a civic body.We are the link between community and government.We are a group of individuals who have come together with a common purpose to take up corporate issues affecting society.Our organization is officially one year old.We are a legally constituted body.


Some of the issues we have tackled:
1)The ongoing paid parking saga.
2)The ongoing road upgrade on the N2 between Umvoti bridge and Umhlali bridge.We have
been in regular contact with Sanral and Treasury.
3)The high value based sanitation charges by Ilembe.
4)The lack of service delivery from ILembe Municipality and Kwadukuza Municipality.
5)The ongoing bin bag saga.
6)The R74 speed calming measures due to high fatal accidents.
7)The ongoing water crisis in certain wards.
8)The ongoing pothole saga.
9)The ongoing road and bridge upgrade near the Kwadukuza Mall.
I hope the above gives you a brief history and idea of the mandate of Human Rights Association