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Chakas Rock


Named after a rocky outcrop of the north coast believed to have been used by Shaka, the great Zulu chief, as a lookout, Shaka’s or Chaka’s Rock - depending to whom you are speaking - is today a small residential village and a wonderfully graceful stretch of sandy beach that is home to an inviting tidal pool flanked by craggy cliffs. Shaka’s Rock, or Catfish Beach as the main beach here is known, is only about 40 kilometres north of Durban and right next to Ballito


It is told that the rock was actually used by Shaka to test the mettle of his warriors, by encouraging them to jump of the rock.


The beach is a preferred ski-boat launch site, so come prepared to watch some impressive launchings and beaching as some of the bigger boats set out on deep sea fishing trips.



From Willard beach at Ballito one can follow a rugged walking trail to Shaka’s Rock itself through a hole in the cliff - probably a good idea to attempt this at low tide.


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