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Centre of Hope

-Saving Lives-

Centre of Hope

083 756 9245

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To provide a sustainable, suitable facility and means to fight the daily battle against addiction that is crippling individuals, families and communities.

Serve all who suffer the disease of addiction and the consequences thereof with diligence and distinction by providing the tools necessary to reintegrate addicts into society.

Always be accessible, available and able to provide the help necessary for those desperately needing a lifeline out of the grips of addiction.



Facilitate all means necessary for the purpose and the process of recovery from addiction.

Be a sustainable and distinguished facility that continues to serve society in the daily battle with addiction.

Continue to be a beacon of Hope to suffering addicts and those suffering the consequences of addiction.


About Centre of Hope

Centre of Hope-KZN opened its doors on the 7th of March 2016 at a rented house in Ocean View, Stanger, Kwadukuza. Since relocated; a tranquil, secluded property in Stanger, Kwadukuza, on a river bank at the foot of a cliff is home to Centre of Hope – KZN situated at the corner of Cato and Jacaranda streets.


Centre of Hope is voluntary addiction treatment facility that provides help to all who suffer the disease of addiction and who are suffering the consequences of addiction.


Centre of Hope provides in-house treatment for addiction. We offer those needing help with the disease of addiction a recognised 12 Step programme. Individuals are housed full-time for a minimum of 6 months, depending on progress. The fight against the disease of addiction is a long and challenging process and requires dedication and constant support.


Centre of Hope caters for individuals of all walks of life and continues to be a lifeline for the desperate. Individuals arriving at the doors of hope, vary from those accompanied by desperate mother or wives to cast out individuals living on the streets.

                                                                                           Centre of Hope has touched the lives of countless individuals by being the beacon of hope and support to hundreds of addicts.


Aftercare & Support

An open-door policy is offered to individuals that have fulfilled the requirements of the centre’s recovery process, who are welcomed to frequent the centre, attend the daily meetings and mentor other recovering addicts. The process is of mutual benefit and giving back promotes a life lived in gratitude. Relapse, being a reality is not shunned upon, however, members can depend on the Centre as there sanctuary were all the support that is needed is always available.

“Get Up, Dust Yourself Of and Move On”


Centre of Hope is a private initiative driven primarily by management and support of families of patients. With the fact that not all who seek help are in a fortunate position to still have the support of their families available, we constantly need outside support in the form of sponsorships in order to meet that dire need. If you are or know others that will be want to support the Centre please call Owen on 083 756 9245. Every bit of assistance matters and is most appreciated.

Soul Retrieval Can Heal Addiction, Trauma & Mental Illness – Here’s how …

By Christopher Hope

The world is heavily struggling with the modern plague. The plague of the 21st century is certainly the illness of addiction. Addiction, today, appears in so many forms that some of us are even completely unconscious about their struggle with addiction.

Living on the edge is not easy, living in ignorance and vain is even harder. However, we are all masters of our own decision, despite everyone and everything. We are opposed to pain and suffering, but, often, we cause suffering to ourselves, consciously or not.

The struggle with addictions could cause people to lose their souls. The ‘soul-loss’ results in depression, new addictions, chronic sikcnesses, diseases, social disorders and many other form of manifestation. It literally means to lose your soul, to become nobody during your battles with the addiction epidemic.

This article is useful because so many young people are losing the battle. Now, we will share the causes of soul loss. In shamanism Soul Loss describes the fragmentation of the soul. And interestingly, Soul Loss shares similarities with what contemporary psychology calls “dissociation”: the splitting of the psyche in response to traumatic, shocking or difficult experiences. This is often the cause of many Core Wounds that affect us later as adults. These are the examples that describe soul loss:

Any form of abuse, e.g., sexual, emotional, physical or mental.
An event of prolonged grief, pain and fear that made you feel helpless or impotent.
Deep-seated addictions, e.g., substance dependency.
A near-death or out-of-body experience.
Being forced to act against your morals.
An experience of intense rejection or abandonment.
Witnessing the unexpected death of someone.
A sudden and shocking accident.
Entering a relationship without strong boundaries of Self (resulting in an unhealthy relationship and losing your power).

As we already said, soul loss manifests in unpleasant forms and, if you feel like you ‘lost your soul’, you may become anxious and even have physical issues. Your body and soul are closely connected. This further explains how important it is to take these things seriously. When both the physical, mental and spiritual parts of your existence are hurt, you will have huge issues to re-define yourself and find the purpose of the existence. However, that’s the solution!

Soul Retrieval is a process of acknowledging yourself and re-defining your existence. First of all, there is no rule- the only rule is- try to find out who you really are. Believe it or not, soul loss could be a true blessing!

Sometimes, you need to hit the heavy rock bottom to reach the stars. Maybe you’ve been lost for too long, so you’ve been looking for a proper answer and way out of your suffering from your addictions. However, you will fall deep enough to see even the darkest parts of your soul.

Finding the truths about yourself will help you to develop and reshape your personality, trying to become the best version of yourself. Meditation and other spiritual techniques will help you achieve what you really want. Anyway, the first step is abstention and isolation. You need to cut all of the ties with your past and focus on building a prosperous future.

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