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from humble beginings

to the  fast food king

Street food

is alive in


Dare to try my

World renowned

Tera-ma-Sooth Sauces

Now up to Stage 50

Warning !!! Not for the faint hearted

A story for the grand kids !!!


You can call me Dhodhoi... all my friends do.

Food, actually Fast street food was always a passion.

I have always been the braai master amoungst the friends in Stanger Manor where I grew up. The friends would be licking their fingers around the braai.


As a volenteer at the Hot Dog and Burger stands during the Child Welfare Winter Fair was were I honed my skills at the skottle... pushing out 100s of Hot dogs or Burgers per hour to the crowds for four day in a row.


It was during this stage in my life that I decided that I must open my own Fast Food Outlet. If everybody always enjoys what I cook then why not!


I started with a food trolley that you can see me loading on the top left of the screen. This pic would have been taken in the early hours of the a monday morning, after an around the clock weekend, when I closed for business. I then would push this fully loaded trolley home.


I'm thankful to my friends and the wonderful people of my home town, Stanger, for their support that helped  me grow my business.


Today, I can safely say Dhodhoi's is known around the world. I am proud to say I now have my own bakkie, and my mum at my side in business, sharing our time on the street making new friends through our Great food. 

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