Breakthrough Centre

Raising the Standard for the Next Generation

Breakthrough Centre is an established organization, registered with the Department of Social Development – Reg. No: - 081-061-NPO



•To see our City transformed, our Communities empowered and educated and our next generation equipped with strategies and systems...Motivated and encouraged…thus influencing them to become responsible people in their communities and the society at large.

•To provide a strategic approach in understanding, managing, caring for and supporting the  communities in dealing with poverty, crime, HIV/Aids and present day challenges. This vision is carried out via workshops, personal interaction and practical training



•To decrease the effects of crime and poverty through empowerment programmes, social development strategies and lifeskills programmes

• To provide a caring and supportive atmosphere for children and youth in a controlled environment

• To provide awareness and support programmes to meet present day challenges

• To affect change in lifestyles through ongoing training and mentoring programmes



In order for us to be effective in our vision, mission and mandate, we find the need to be responsible stewards...thus the responsibility to subscribe to the following values:

• Honesty • Integrity • Respect • Dedication • Excellence • Accountability • Non-discrimination

WHO’S INVOLVED: The Organisation is steered by an Executive Committee made up of the following members:

Mr. P. Nair – Chairperson: Full time Minister and Manager of Breakthrough Centre

Mrs. S. Nair – Vice-Chairperson: Employed by the Department of Education

Mrs A Gwamanda–Admin Clerk: Employed by the Department of Education

Mr F. Captain – Treasurer : Employed as a Bank Service Consultant

Mrs S. Sayed – Businesswoman and Entrepreneur

Sub-committees have been established to oversee the operation of the individual departments. These subcommittees report back to the Executive Committee.

The Organisation also has volunteers who ensure the smooth running of each programme:

Tamsyn Nair                                   Primrose Martin

Gail Mkhize                                    Timna Tweedie

Ayanda Mchunu                            Taldon Nair

Natasha Sivparsad                        Shianne Captain

Candace Roopnarain                    Vassie Singaram

Mary S                                           Sammy S



The 10th of October 1990 saw the birthing of the first Community based project in Etete, Groutville.

The primary objective for the establishment of this project was to set up and implement programs and activities that would empower, equip, motivate and inspire children, young people and adults to rise above their circumstances and negative environments to realise and fulfil their God given potential.  The intention of this project was also to ensure that these children and young adults were occupied and empowered in an environment that would keep them away from bad company and the social ills that presently plague our communities.  Over the years the organisation grew to a regular membership of approximately 300 attending and participating weekly. The programmes offered, began to be streamlined so that we could see definite and productive outcomes in the lives of those participating.  We eventually saw the need to reach out to  parents and get their involvement so that we could offer assistance to the entire family structure and establish a strong sense of family  values. The motivation behind this principle is that “wholesome families produce wholesome communities”.  For the major part of the organisations history,  we operated from the premises of a local school who were kind enough to allow us the use of their premises  rent free...that changed a few years later.  During our tenure at the school, numerous projects  were implemented in anattempt to change the social conditions of our community.  Example: weekly feeding programmes, food distribution, clothes distribution, leadership programmes and training.



•  The setting up of a Crisis Centre for Vulnerable and Abused Women and children. There is a need for a facility to house children and women who are recovering from abuse.

•  The installation of vegetable tunnels so we can create jobs and provide food.

•  Expansion of Breakthrough Centre Academy. We wish to see the establishment of a school incorporating learners from grades 1 to 7.

•  The setting up of an outdoor play and feeding area for children. We want to provide recreational facilities like a play centre, as there is a serious lack of recreational facilities in Etete.
 •  Acquiring of additional computers and books. The Mini Resource Centre presently has four computers which are used by all grade R learners at Breakthrough Centre Academy and the Kidz Club on a rotation basis. As we acquire more computers, our plans are to set up a Computer training centre.

•  Up and coming project... Focus on DESIGN AND SEWING. In order to combat the effect of unemployment, we are in the process of setting up a Skills centre where we can train members of the community in the clothing industry.

•  Working in partnership with REVLON, we are setting up an ‘Open Day’ where learners from Secondary schools will be exposed to the fashion and make-up industry.

Contact Details

Pastors: Trevor & Jessica Nair

P. O. Box 470

Shakaskraal, 4430

South Africa

Phone: (+27) 032 - 9470856

Cell: (+27) 073 865 9001


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