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I’m a teen session guitarist studying sound engineering first year in Johannesburg who’s very passionate about music whether its performing live, playing music or being behind the mixing desk controlling the frequencies and noise levels at live festivals.


I spend most of  my time at SABC radio park learning, studying, playing as well as recording music trying to produce and make a name for my small home town Stanger, I want to start my own record label and a little home studio setup at home for school reasons as well as for my community and town.

One of the problems I’ve realized that we face in Stanger which causes lack of entertainment and music/ artist growth is that our music lacks quality because of the lack of recording studios available in Stanger plus lack of knowledge on music and recording.


My qualification allows me to run, produce , perform as well as teach people about music production and I would like the municipality to help me bring change by starting my own recording local studio setup to help me work more local while studying. I really love music and I know my goals and dreams for my town will happen in God trust, faith and support.


In the near future I plan to teach and help musicians get their respect and values back because In South Africa music is not respected as it is supposed to be, what is life without music /musicians/artists? A very dead world and musicians are not taken

seriously or catered for in events

because all our sound engineers and

DJ’s who own sound lack good

knowledge on what is needed to run a

good event or sound and proper show.

I pray that one day I will be able to bring

change in SA music and be The Mandela

Of  Music.


I Pray that you find it in your hearts to

understand and be in my position and

seeing this vision I have for my town and

its artists as well as music in general and

I do pray that you get back to me As soon

as possible and support me bring change.






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