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About Us

Transforming the way conventional marketing is done... Introducing businesses to the power of video marketing. Greater online presence, high end exposure, wider client base, higher conversion rate, Greater ratio on sales. Sounds unbelievable.? Ask yourself why is YouTube the world's second largest search engine??

Answer is simple, people are less attracted to read about a business or service, they rather watch a video about how it works and what to do next.

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Who we are:

At Business Video Labs, we are a small team of experts that have come together to create Explainer Video’s for the predominantly start-up, small and medium sized businesses.
With our cumulative e-commerce knowledge, we have watched the growing trend and power of short but informative and engaging explainer videos.
We are confident that video marketing will emerge as one of the most important elements in the field of online advertising.
Why we do what we do:
At Business Video Labs, we understand the challenges that are faced by many start-up, small and medium sized business alike, and what it takes to become a success.
After reaching out to many new businesses we came to understand that most entrepreneurs in the world are a little too optimistic about how easy it will be to acquire new customers. Many new business owners think that because they have a superb looking website, an innovative product, or sterling service, that customers will just come knocking at their door.
A few lucky businesses may have this happen with their first few customers, but after that, it quickly becomes an expensive and difficult task to attract and win new customers. In many cases the cost of marketing to acquire new customers is actually much higher than the lifetime monetary value of that customer.
We are confident that your video marketing will emerge as one of the biggest and most important marketing tools in your online business advertising.

Our Focus:

Is entirely on you and your start-up, small or medium sized business. Our aim is to assist you as efficiently and as cost effectively as possible to effectively market your business. We help your customer’s to “meet” your business, product or service in a simple but engaging and informative manner, and in so doing we strive to drive more enquiries and better opportunities for you to acquire new customers.
That’s why our clients come back to us over and over again – for high-quality animated explainer videos that conveys their message in the most engagingly visual powerful manner.




Our explainer video 5 step production process


Step One : Virtual Meeting

A let’s get started discussion can be either conducted by phone, email or skype. In order for us to better understand your business and your marketing or promotions needs. During this online discussion we aim to get to know you and your business/ product or service a little better and gather information about your objectives and needs. We will then provide you with a questionnaire in which you will provide us detailed information about your business, product or service. This questionnaire provides the foundation to write your script. Don’t forget to share your specific goals with us.


Step Two: Script

The script is the message that you want to convey to your ideal potential customer. The script is the most important part of the video production. It forms the foundation for your entire explainer video and the message that you want to convey. The script form the WHAT message of your video: Although some clients want to create their own script, which we are happy to oblidge, but we usually encourage this to be written by one of our professional scriptwriters for better final results. Our scripts have a specific structured format in which we address the pain points (or PROBLEMS) that your customer may be experiencing. We highlight the benefits or the SOLUTION that your business, product or service offers. We add a strong CTA or CALL TO ACTION that will drive the viewer to take the specific action that you would like them to take next after they have viewed your video.E.G Call us / Buy The script achieves all of this, whilst keeping in mind the tone of your business, product or  service. Sharing business information with us is important in order for us to accurately convey the correct message to your ideal potential customer. After the script has been prepared, we present this to you for your final review and changes. T&C’s apply


Step Three: About the CA’s


We aim to keep to the same colours of your brand’s look and feel. If you have the Pantone colour values – we will can adhere to these guidelines. It is always a good idea to keep a close colour relation and identity between your animated explainer video and your brand.
An explainer video is an additional marketing tool, just like your website, banners or any other marketing material and tools that you have – your video should be recognizable by your customers for them to relate to it.
Tips about your colour palette:
a) Colours can also communicate a state of mind. What is your business all about?
b) Using warm colours will be more appealing for a fun and approachable look
c) Using cool colours will bring a more elegant and sophisticated appearance.


Characters and Styles
Who is your target audience?

Brands have their own character and persona and knowing your brand’s persona will be useful in order to select the correct characters or style for your video. If your video has an animated character that tells your story, the character should try and represent
your target audience. Is your target audience predominantly male / female? Are they business people or a member of the community or general public?
You can even provide us with your photo’s or pictures to showcase your business, product or service.
If you have a complicated or serious business product, perhaps a whiteboard style would be best suited to your project.



The animation is the process from which an element is moved to simulate the illusion of
life. At this stage our Team creates the character – whether it be a person, a hand writing whiteboard, a picture showcase or the best suited animation style. This is then created in a 2D animation technique which brings flexibility and most importantly is cost effective for you.


Sound effects

The music sound track we select and suggest for you is used to enhance the overall perception and presentation of the video. Adding a sound track keeps the customer engaged and will enforce the overall impact of the animated video. We use sound to stimulate the overall environment and viewer experience of the message you want to convey. E.g. A loud heavy metal Rock Band sound track is not advisable for an elegant and serene wedding venue and will certainly lower the impact of the explainer video.


Step Four: Style sample slide

The style sample slide is an example of the style / or the character that will be used for your animated video. The script addresses the WHAT whilst the style sample slide addresses the HOW. A message can be conveyed in many ways or styles or characters. The sample slide allows you to pre-visualize how your story will develop. We offer you 2 sample slides to select from and two  Royalty free sound tracks to select from. Should you require a voice over sound track – this can be arranged and produced for you at an additional cost – which includes studio recording and production time and voice over artist fees. Once you have selected and approved the sample slide – it’s important to be sure of your decision as making changes afterwards will be more difficult to implement and will increase the cost of your production. So take the time to check the slide and make any changes before we move forward with the production process.


Step Five: Delivery

Once everything above is done, your customised explainer video is ready! The video in HD MP4 resolution will be e-delivered to you, where you can embed it on your website and start increasing your website traffic and customer conversions right away!


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