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Beautify Kwadukuza: You are Invited

The picturesque, beautiful gardens that have been developing over the past few years are a wonder of many of Kwadukuza residents. However, we all enjoyed the wonder of their magnificence from afar, probably assuming that these were awesome initiatives from authorities or other. It may come as a surprise to many that these spectacular gardens are the brainchild, effort and sacrifice of an amazing artist; a man of many talents with a real flare for garden art, junkyard art, garden design and layout, Dino Sukdeo, fondly known as Uncle Dino.

Uncle Dino is a Rotarian for about 20 years .His view is that community service is an opportunity to serve God. In recent years he has taken to improving our environment. He is transforming the eyesore intersections and verges into works of art, slowly creating gardens that are a talk of our town.

Uncle Dino took to the projects with only his skills and his personal resources which has no doubt made this a real challenge to accomplish. He slowly, by word of mouth, attracted support from family, friends, business and curious citizens who took the time to stop and chat and also contribute for which he is truly grateful , or else much of the beauty, we the citizens, get to enjoy would not be possible. One of the most interesting facts is that more out of town people stop for a chat and compliment the improvements taking place than local residents.

'I’m a hands on person and lead by example I am trying to do something about the neglect of our suburbs and town' says Uncle Dino.

Uncle Dino’s tells us that he belongs to the “FED-UP” crowd and his message to us all is that it’s time we stop being frustrated Blamers and Complainers. The authorities are not going to miraculously change to become efficient. We should rather contribute positively and productively in making the change that we want to see or we can choose to just wait for the cows to come home.

An INVITE to all: Many hands make light work

“I am 68 years old therefore experienced in life, i am now a cancer patient and I am eager and ready to pass my skills on, to whoever wants to learn.”

It takes a lot to create and maintain the beautiful gardens that we see and the public probably has the impression that these are funded projects so everyone just admires the development of the projects and appreciates them from a distance. He wants everyone to know that You are welcome to join in.

Your contribution is much needed for this to continue; most of all your time and labour. Having the public taking ownership by working with him on these projects is what Uncle Dino looks forward to. If there is any way in which you can contribute to these projects please give Fameeda a call on 0798850880 or stop by and have a chat with Uncle Dino