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Is the cost of advertising space hitting your business in the knees?

Kwa-dukuza-Online brings a new dimension to advertising to small business. Get all the information you want to, out to the market. No more tiny ads or sacrificing info because you don't have enough space you need to get it out there... We offer Picture gallery, full description and much much more space for a whole lot more info... in your customers face presence. All this and more including the fact that it will become your invaluable tool that you can use 24/7.

With 'no strings attached' give us the chance to show you what all this talk is about.

For a limited time only, we offer Small Businesses and Home based Businesses a FREE one to two month trial, including FREE setup cost of your exclusive Online Advert/Profile.

Amasing benefits:

Globally Accessible 24/7

Mobile accessability

You can send it out virtually instantly after setup

Easily shared on social media, Emails and WhatsApp

Give your business marketing a new spark, send us an email at

We will respond with all our requirements in order for us to do the Setup.

Give us a chance... You have nothing to loose... It's on us for now!!!

Email us at

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