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Gift of the Givers - SA Documentary 

Kevin Harris’ New Documentary, The Best Among People on "Issues of Faith", Sunday morning 15th September @ 11.30 am – SABC TV 2. The Best Among People brings to the screen the everyday South African men and women who commit & risk their lives volunteering for rescue and relief-aid missions – from where-ever they may get the call – both internationally and at home in South Africa. These are the religious and culturally diverse group of South African volunteers that make up The Gift of the Givers – headed and driven by their visionary founder, Dr Imtiaz Sooliman. Relief & medical aid for wars in Gaza & Syria, earthquakes in Haiti & Nepal, devastating fires in Knysna, crippling drought in Sutherland & Makhanda or cyclone Idai in Mozambique, Zimbabwe & Malawi – Gift of the Givers are among the first to go in. On a second front, tirelessly negotiating the release of South African hostages Yolande & Pierre Korkie or Stephen McGowan - held by Al-Qaeda terrorists for six years in the deserts of Mali – Dr Imtiaz Sooliman leads his dedicated team – founded in 1992 – in accordance with their mission statement: “the best among people are those who benefit mankind”.

-Qasim Bhorat

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06. März 2020

My husband started going once a week for 2 hours late in the evening and wondered where he could be. After about a month, he moved out of our house with his everything yet we had plans of taking him to my parents as soon as have given birth. I struggled with the pregnancy on my own for almost a month. Time reached I had to give birth to my cute son But it was really a tuff experience because my husband wasn't there... I had to be strong and to be home by my self taking care of the baby. My friends were visiting on a daily basis..thanks to them. And just one I told about my problems because…

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