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HRA reports on Mass Meeting

Something to put it into perspective

Well done to our ratepayers and consumers.

Human Rights Association(KZN292) facilitated a mass community meeting to address many service delivery issues affecting the consumer,be it a ratepayer,taxpayer,business owner or tenant.These bread and butter issues affect us all.We have been engaging the municipalities for 15 months with no response.This meeting was vital to get a fresh mandate from the community.The community came out in their numbers and voiced their opinions,grieviances and suggestions.What came out very clearly is this-We own our town and its resources not the staff of both municipalities.They supposed to be good stewards of our resources which they are not.They are incompetent and the evidence is glaring.Both municipalities are abusing paying consumers and rewarding non paying consumers.

Corruption is at an all time high with no remedial action in place.Looting of our resources continue unabated.Rocky Park R330M project was looted with no report in the public domain and no arrests.Photo copier saga,no arrests.All housing projects are stalled going back about fifteen years.About 6000 much needed housing is still not built.Our people bear the brunt of corrupt officials.Doringkop,Nonoti Mouth,Hyde Park,Steve Biko,Ntshwini,Mgigimbe are some of these stalled housing projects. Is the money still there?You decide.

The community has mandated HRA to write to all government departments to advise of an impending rates boycott and dumping of refuse in the town gardens if bin bags are not delivered to their homes.They are paying for a service they do not receive.When you go to collect bin bags ,they say it is out of stock.What happens to about seventy percent of uncollected bin bags.Some people were told bin bags are not delivered in Kwadukuza because bin bags are being stolen.Some people are being given free bin bags without documentation and without paying for utilities.Whose fault is this?The consumer or the municipality?

The banks have moved to the KDM Mall without consulting their clients and a decision was taken to boycott the banks until satellite offices are opened in the CBD. When the banks moved,they asked customers to go and bank in Ballito. Customers will now go to Ballito to bank and shut these arrogant bankers down.A small sacrifice will go a long way.We are just numbers on a data base.Default on paying for your home loan or overdraft and see how many calls you get to pay up..

The public works building on Townview road has stalled and about R70M was looted. No money left to get the project off the ground.All government projects are designed to be looted before they start and the evidence is there. Be silent no more. Stand up and fight this injustice and lack of accountability.

Well done to our city fathers.You deserve all the criticism you get.

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