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Kwadukuza-ILEMBE Public matters & Reporting

Updated: Feb 19, 2020

Dear members, As Admin, we get a lot of requests for profiles to be removed for many reasons. Yes, SOME are fake. We try to attend to those as they surface. However, majority of requests seem to be born from differences in personal opinions. Members, went as far as accusing admin of being useless and biased and encouraging division in the community. So they decided that a 'better' group with 'good' people and strict rules should be launched. Guess which group they used to launch it? Admin, watched as that unfolded and allowed it. They, have not been removed from this group. They add their own spice to our your feed on this group. We as admin would not want to be seen as biased in our duty. We oftern ask ourselves, why do members engage with 'trolls' then accuse admin for allowing the 'troll' to post. Being unbiased, we have to allow a debate to unfold. Many a time a new perspective is seen through these disagreements. A lot is also learnt about people, our community, through these engagements. If you are allowing yourself to be agitated by a post or comment and you respond, is that not your responsibility? RACE: So a person has a race issue.... do you? What's the problem? RELIGION : Someone is convicted in a belief system that's not yours, is that not admirable? POLITICS:... a whole lot of engagements were extremely beneficial to the community. Much light was shed on many subjects and personalities that may still have been kept in the dark. Many issues that would usually take ages to get attention were speedily addressed. Should public figures not be open to public scrutiny with regard to public affairs? Did they not convince us that they want to represent us? So why not engage at our level? Are we ever all going to agree on everything? I think not! So let appreciate the fact that we are all different. GROUP RULES: We will be opening a new discussion/thread on our Website Community Forum in this regard. We have over 22k members so we like all to have their fair chance at participating in this. Read the already suggested rules so we don't duplicate suggestions. If you agree, hit the LIKE. Let's get constructive together! P.S. ADVERTISING: We only allow adverts by advertisers already on our Website. We want your business on our website so please give us an opportunity to make advertising exciting and cost effective for you. Giving Back: Advertising is FREE for, NPOs, Religous Orgs, Community Orgs, Sporting Bodies & Public Schools.

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When my husband left me for another lady I was so hurt and I used to cry every day. Whenever I could miss him I could just close my bedroom and cry because I never wanted my kids to see me crying. It was tough times to endure the stress and at work, I could not perform well being a nurse I work with on many people but I could be moody and could even lose tempers for small things my colleagues complained and I signed many warnings before the matron.

I tried so much to move on but it was hard I love my husband sometimes I could see him in my dreams wake up thinking he would come…

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